Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are still the most ordered window covering on the market. They are the most affordable, the most versatile and easy to use, the easiest to maintain and clean, and the parts are cheap and easy to replace if required in the future. They are definitely the most popular option for rental and investment properties.

Our Vertical Blinds are custom made to the exact size of the opening. They can be both moved from side to side and rotated. They come standard in the 127mm wide fabric blades. There are a number of choices to make including Fabric Range and Fabric Colour, Control Choice, Bottom Link Chain or No Chain, and Blind set-up.

1: Fabric Range We have 2 ranges available in our Vertical Blinds. Our Freedom Range (for Builders) and our Uniline Range (for Residential). Both are 100% Polyester with Acrylic Coating. Most of the range is Full Block-out, which means no light can get through the fabric (light can still get through the gaps between the blinds and the walls) there are some that aren’t if that is preferable. There are a lot of different colour options and patterns available in both ranges, all at the same price.

2: Control Choice. Our blinds can be cord or wand operated. Cord operated tracks have a cord that you pull to move the blinds from side to side, and a separate control chain that you pull to rotate the fabric blades. The wand operated tracks have a wand that does both, you twist it to rotate the blades and push or pull on it to move the blades open or closed. The wand system is slightly more popular because it is considered “child safe”. Both are the same price.

3: Bottom Link Chain or No Chain. Our blinds come standard with bottom link chain joining the fabric blades together at the bottom to minimise how much they flap around. They can also come without bottom link chain where we use chainless bottom weights that clip into the fabric at the bottom. Both are the same price.

4: Blind Set-Up. The control side and fabric stack side of the blinds can be left or right hand side, and is completely up to you. You can also get them split bunch or centre bunch. Usually the control set-up, control side, and fabric stack side will be on the same side as the fixed glass panels.

5: Pelmet. For residential verticals, the face of the White Aluminium track comes standard with a fabric insert/pelmet in the same colour as the blades below. This usually removes the need for a large pelmet over the top, which costs more. If required you can still choose to have a large pelmet. For Builders as standard the blinds come without any insert.

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