Sliding Security Screen Doors – 7mm Diamond Security Doors

7mm Diamond Security is still the most popular security on the market. This is mainly due to the fact it is so much cheaper than any other option on the market.

7mm Diamond pattern security door

7mm Aluminium Diamond Security is also known as A127 security, because it should meet with Austalian Security Standard A127 which outlines the minimum required standards for which it can be manufactured to.

Our A127 security doors are made up with a 7mm thick Aluminium Diamond Pattern Grille, which is riveted into an Aluminium Frame, and has fly screen mesh in behind. We manufacture and install our A127 security doors locally in Brisbane to exceed the Australian Security Standards, by riveting every 2nd to 3rd diamond, more than the required 4 diamonds.

The A127 security does the basic security and fly screen job that most people need. The 7mm grille provides a tough barrier and the fly screen in behind keeps the insects out. It is also cost effective, usually 2 to 3 times cheaper than Stainless Steel security.

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Riveted vs Welded & Safety Screens

7mm Diamond Security can also come Crimped (Safety screens only – No Fixings) or Welded (diamond grille is welded into the aluminium frame at every 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st grille join). The Safety Screens do not have any fixings at all and do not meet the Australian Security Standards and as a consequence we do not recommend them.

The Welded Screens are anywhere from 1 and a half to 2 and a half times the cost of riveted screens. They do not represent great value for money. Whilst they may be slightly stronger off the house, they still get installed to the house in the same way as the riveted screens, usually with fixings, which defeats the point of welding in the first place. Furthermore the main way someone can get through a riveted screen is by cutting through it, which you can do to a Welded grile as well. If you want something they can’t get through, you would better served going with the Screenguard.

The A127 security is not as secure as the Screenguard. It can be cut through with a decent pair of bolt cutters, which you can’t do to the Screenguard. In saying that, they can’t just make one cut in the diamond grille to get through. They would need to make a lot of cuts in the grille to make a big enough hole to get through.

Look of the Security

The main issue with the A127 security for some people is the look of the diamond grille on the house. One suggestion to reduce the amount the diamond grille stands out it to make it Black. The frame of the security grille can and should still match the colour of the window or door frame it’s going onto. The diamond grille can then be the same or it can be Black. Our eyes go through Black easier than any other colour which is why all fly and stainless steel mesh is made Black, and why a Black diamond grille won’t stand out as much.


In terms of colour for the security the general rule of thumb is for the frame of the security screen or door should match the colour of the window or door it is going onto. There are 12 standard colours which are all the same price including Pearl White, White Birch, Primrose, Stone Beige, Black, Bronze, Clear, Mountain Blue, Woodland Grey, Anodic Silver Grey, Anodic Natural Matt & Ultra Silver. Any other colour needs to be sent to the powder-coater to match exactly, which costs extra and takes longer.

You then have the same options available with the diamond grille. The grille looks best in Black, or in the same colour as the frame.

You can view our standard colour range by clicking here.


For the security screens for the windows, they will usually only cover the opening sides of the sliding windows only, but cover the full opening of the rest of the windows. How we fit them to the windows depends on the brand and design of the window. They can be fixed in place with one or a combination of either rivets, security screws and/or industrial glue.

The Sliding Security doors can usually run in the tracks provided by the glass door. If the glass door has no tracks, we can provide them. The Security doors have spring loaded wheels top and bottom, wound right up so there is little to no lift in the door. We use F Interlock (right angle) on the back of the doors that hooks onto the fin/medium interlock on the back of the fixed glass panel, so it can’t be pulled off at the back when the door is closed. When the doors are locked all 4 sides of the door are secured.

The Hinged Security Doors come standard with 2 hinges down the hinge side for a Single Locking Door, and 3 hinges for a Triple Locking Door. They also come standard with PVC stop bead for the door to close onto, and bug strip at the bottom of the door. They do not come standard with door closers, which we do not recommend as they cause problems for the door and void the warranty.

Locks & Hardware

For the security doors you get a choice between Triple and Single Locks for the doors. The Triple Lock locks the door top, middle and bottom on one key and one lock body and is more secure. The Single Lock locks the door in the middle only. The price difference between the two is $60 per door.

We use the Whitco Mark 3 Hinged Door Locks, and the Whitco Leichardt Sliding Door Locks, which are double deadlocking from inside and outside with a key and also has the snib lever on the inside. All doors on the one house can be keyed alike.

All Hardware on the doors comes standard in Black. Other colours may be available, with a longer waiting time and extra cost.

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