Awning Windows

Awning Windows (also known as Hopper or Winder windows) are the modern equivalent of the old ‘push-out’ windows. Instead of pushing them out, you wind them out with a handle on the inside.

The opening is essentially one large glass panel, that opens out away from the house at the bottom of the opening. Attached to the bottom of the glass panel is a chain winder on the inside. The chain winder allows to you to wind the panel in or out as required.

The chain winder has a channel for a fly screen or security screen to sit in which won’t interfere with the winder or the glass panel. The glass, colour, and handle options are the same as outlined in the sliding windows section.

Awning Windows are best suited to narrow, tall openings. They are an ‘architects’ dream, because they have no ‘lines’ running through the middle of the opening. However, in terms of air flow and circulation Awning Windows are the worst, becuase they can only open out 250mm and let far less breeze in than any other window.

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