Custom Made & Installing Sliding Glass Doors in Brisbane & Ipswich

Our Sliding Glass Doors are custom made in Brisbane to suit any required size and specifications. There are a number of choices to make.


Your Options include:
-Single Sliding (XO or OX)
-Single Sliding with 2 fixed panels (OXO)
-Double Sliding (OXXO)
-Stacker Doors (XXO or OXX)
-Double Stacking Doors (OXXXXO)

The stackers can come with 3 tracks if no fly or security doors are required, or 5 tracks if fly or security doors are required.


In terms of the colour finish of the aluminium frames on the door, it can be any of the standard colours. The standard colours are Pearl White (Stark White), White Birch (Off White/Light Cream), Primrose (Custom Cream), Black, Stone Beige (Beige) and Anodic Silver Grey (Light Silver). These colours can be viewed by clicking here. Any of the standard colours listed above are the same price. Any other colour will need to be sent for powder coating and will cost extra.


As standard we use clear 5mm Toughened Glass in our sliding doors to meet the Australian standards. We can use a variety of glass depending on what is requested.

You have the option of upgrading to obscure/frosted glass (privacy), laminate glass (for sound reduction) or grey glass (which acts like tinted glass and reduces the amount of light and heat that comes through the window) for the windows.


The sliding glass doors come standard with their own handle and latch. If you want to be able to access the door from the outside with a key, you will need a key lockable option available for $50 extra for a key lock door handle.


The Sliding Glass Doors can come with or without timber reveals (at any size required) depending on the installation requirements.

Call now on (07) 3818 2949 to organise for one of our representatives to come around and give you a free quote. Based in Brisbane we service all of South-East QLD, from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between.