Security Screen Doors & Windows

Living in the beautiful Australian climate, it is natural for us to want to invite the outdoors in: the natural light and cooling breezes that refresh our homes also give a sense of continuity with the outdoors to indoor spaces.

Naturally, it is important to keep out intruders: of both the insect and human variety. At You’re Secure, we provide security doors and screens for windows and doorways to help you do just this.

You’re Secure custom manufactures and installs screens for any window or door of your home, using tried and tested materials and techniques. With over two decades of experience, we know it’s important to firstly ask you the right questions to ensure you get just what you want and need.

Selecting the right type of security screens for windows and doors that suit you can be made simple by answering three main questions:

  • What job do you want the screens to do?
  • What look do you want (or don’t want) from the screens?
  • What budget have you allocated for this?

Your Choices :

Fly Screens – The most affordable option is to install fly screens, which are designed to help prevent insects from coming in. These allow you a great, unobtrusive view of your outside spaces, and are very straight-forward. What these will not do is provide you with security. So it’s all about balancing your budget constraints with your expectations so you can stay informed about what you’re purchasing.

7mm Diamond Security Screens – are the next step up and provide the basic level of security and fly screen protection that most people require at a much cheaper cost of the Integral Stainless Steel Mesh Security range. This is a viable, cost effective option if this is the look you’re happy with and want to stick to a smaller budget. However some people don’t like the ‘look’ of the diamond grille on their house.

Colonial Castings Pattern Doors – are alternatives to the 7mm Diamond Security Screens to consider – for those wanting a different look without the large expense of Welded Steel. These create a striking, distinct look to your doorways at just a fraction more cost than a Diamond Grille Security Door. The screens are pre-set designs which cannot be changed and include fly screens. And they may be just what you are looking for.

Highlite Welded Steel Doors – for those wanting welded steel bars as their security of choice. We can custom weld to suit any required pattern including a number of pre-set patterns we have in the range. For those wanting a specific pattern and a solid look – then the Highlite Welded Steel Doors maybe for you. The exact price depends on the pattern required – but they are at the top end of our options in terms of cost.

Integral Stainless Steel Security Screens – are the best stainless steel security screen doors and windows available on the market. These security doors and window security screens look like ordinary fly screens from both inside and outside, so your view will not be impeded, allowing natural light and the breeze to come in to your home. The benefit here is that it is made from the best 316 Marine Grade Woven Stainless Steel Mesh which is installed into a strong ‘T6’ tempered aluminium frame. The mesh is held into place with a unique “Interlock & Keeper” Manufacturing System – that helps to dramatically reduce the chance of corrosion. This is our signature security product, and accordingly costs around two to three times more than the standard 7mm Diamond Grille Security Screens.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’. You can take a ‘mix and match’ approach to choosing screens. For instance, you may choose to with a clean mesh look on the front of the house only, or in the Living areas only, and go with the diamond grille security on the rest of the house. You may choose to put the more robust and costly stainless steel security mesh screens on the doors and windows that you like to keep open day and night. These may include the kitchen, loungeroom or children’s bedrooms—particularly if these bedrooms are located above ground level to prevent a fall hazard. Elsewhere in the home, a simple fly screen or the diamond grille security may be sufficient.

You can book one of our consultants to come directly to your house with samples to give advice on what would work best for your particular situation.

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